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He’s back…

…from Zurich and…

…this flying to Zurich regularly business is starting to appeal to me…I have no idea why…

…it couldn’t possibly be theses chocolate-coated almonds that have completely ruined me for all other chocolate-coated almonds…

…or this heavenly chocolate that has a whole pistachio in every piece…

It definitely wouldn’t be these truffles…nah-uh…no way….they make Lindt chocolate you buy just anywhere taste like Tesco brand cooking chocolate…but that’s totally irrelevant…

…on a serious note I’m so happy he’s back home and I’m not looking forward to him leaving again in a little over a weeks time.  The truffles, chocolate-coated almonds and a few of the other goodies were from Sprüngli (click to check them out…175 years old!).

(he worked 12 and 13 hour days whilst over there…poor baby looks so exhausted!)

We are heading to another European City on Monday morning.  I’ll give you some clues:

  • we’ll be spending some quality time with a certain big eared, white gloved mouse who sounds like he’s been given a good kick in the family jewels
  • I’ve been working on my dodgily pronounced bonjour‘s and comment ca va‘s
  • Croissant anyone?

2 thoughts on “He’s back…”

  1. Disneyland Paris, but sssshhh! The kids still think they’re going to school on Monday morning and Master 5 thinks he’s celebrating his birthday at home on Tuesday!


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