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Arthur, Harry and a Non-commital Pirate

This week is book week at school and yesterday was “kids come dressed as a favourite book character day”.  I don’t know about other parents but in our household this equates to, “the kids come in a costume Mum was able to scrounge together at the last-minute and then think of a related book for”.

We spent Monday afternoon scouring the children’s section of Tesco and BHS (the only shops in walking distance) in search of something Harry Potter’esque and a brown hoodie for me to make Master 4 a bear costume with.  Naturally we were plum out of luck on both counts.  I finally found a checkered dark gray hoodie that would have possibly worked for the bear but at £12.00 it was £1.00 cheaper then a ready-made Knight costume and what kid can resist a foam sword he’s allowed to take to school the next day?  I ended up making a slightly dodgy Harry Potter costume from clothing we had at home + a cape from Halloween and a pair of chopped red tights with yellow stripes painted on for a Gryffindor scarf.  Far from perfect but I think we did okay in the end!

Without further ado here is King Arthur:

A ginger Harry Potter (he would have made a rather believable Weasley brother but in our mad rush I didn’t think to try and persuade him to switch characters) minus the glasses (I popped the lens out of a pair of 3D glasses but they stayed firmly in his pocket for the day):

…and last but not least my almost 10-year-old who thinks dressing up as a book character is completely uncool.  He wore a striped hoodie and tucked away a vague story about being a pirate from Treasure Island for his teachers.

3 thoughts on “Arthur, Harry and a Non-commital Pirate”

  1. No matter how many times you tell your kids “Let me know ahead of time” it never happens.

    Mine are out of school and I’m STILL getting “I need___by tomorrow” (19yo is in college). The paper or project was assigned 2 weeks ago.

    That and trying to talk to me while I’m on the phone are my 2 biggest pet peeves as a parent!

    But you did great with the costumes!! Of course 10 year olds aren’t going to get dressed up! That is just SO dumb mom!!!!

    Cute blog post! Brings me back to when mine were younger and into that stuff!


  2. …and then they’ll blame Mum when things aren’t ready in time or exactly as they imagined (but failed to say out loud)….kids hey!

    I think my pet peeve is still by far Master 9 and Master 7 not being able to be in the same room as each other for 30 seconds without fighting.

    The phone thing does drive me nuts but honestly I only speak on the phone maybe once a month tops so I forget how frustrating it is in between calls.

    Did your two get along okay when they were younger? …and how about now they’re adults? I like to dream of a time they’ll be best mates but honestly I think their personalities are doomed to clash, maybe just a little more tolerance of each other would be nice.


  3. You know what I’ve noticed? Kids that fought alot when they were younger get along great when they get older! I’ve seen it with sisters.

    Mine sort of got along. They fought mostly though. I often wished they would knock eachother out and then it would be quiet for a while.

    They get along better now, but they do throw verbal jabs at eachother occasionally. They do try to be nice to one another. And I stress on “try”.


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