Photo Hunt: Self Portrait

My husband went to Switzerland for work this past week and took our camera with him.  I snuck a quick photo onto the camera of me as I was packing his suitcase the night before.  Any one else sneak photos of themselves or other cutesy mementos when their partner is going away for a few days?


9 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Self Portrait”

  1. What a cute idea! I’ve seen people put little love notes, teddy bears, kids drawings and things like that, but to leave a picture of yourself on the camera is sweet!

    That’s a really cute picture of you!! You’re very pretty!!


  2. I’ve never done such a thing to my husband but yes – it’s a great idea.
    Great photo! It’s nice to look at someone, instead of shadows, reflections or someone’s back as they turn away from camera (like I did for my own submission). By the way, thanks for your visit and kind comment!


  3. A pretty shot with nice effects achieved without trying …and I bet nice surprise for your hubby. Have a great week ahead…


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