Chinese New Year, London, Out and About

My husband, the human shield and Chinese New Years, London

Statistically I haven’t a clue whether Australians are marginally taller than the English but I certainly feel more “average” height in the U.K then I did in Australia (I’m 5’4).  In a crowd of people pushing and shoving though, I feel about 3 ft tall in a sea of never-ending heads.  Chinese New Years in London certainly gave any previous crowds I’ve experienced a run for their money.

Fortunately for me I married a taller than average man (6’4) and I’ve discovered over the years that he provides a kind of wind tunnel effect as he shoves his way through the crowd.  I can’t for the life of me see where the crowd is headed, if indeed there’s an end to the sea of bodies or if we’re actually storming off the edge of a cliff.  My husband on the other hand is one of the lucky few who can navigate the crowd rather than just flowing with it.  By riding his coat tails and trying to remain oblivious to the groaning and death stares of the people he’s shoving past, we get from A-to-B with minimal stress induced teeth-grinding.

Yesterday afternoon we headed into Trafalgar Square and perched on the stairs to watch some of the performances before wandering into Chinatown.  Little mister 4 by far had the best view up on Daddy’s shoulders.  The older boys and I watched the Dragon dance via my camera (i.e sticking my hand up as high as I could reach, snapping a photo and then glancing at the photo before popping my arm back in the air).

Rudie Cutie!

Once out of the thick of the crowd the boys threw party snaps, banged their drums incessantly and scored a free fortune cookie from the Kung Fu Panda promotional people.

We ran into Kung Fu Panda too…

It was a fun day out!  5 times the size of the Chinese New Year celebrations we attended in Birmingham last year and a lot easier to get to from home.  As much as I hate being solely dependant on public transport now we’re living in London, heading out to celebrations like this are definitely more enjoyable not having to worry about parking and a long drive home.

It did cost a whopping £15 to get there but we took the scenic route on the ferry and sometimes pretty is worth the extra dosh.  We also managed to avoid being crammed into the tube with everyone else in the city headed in the same direction as us, and nothing’s more horrible then cramming into public transport with 3 kids in tow!


1 thought on “My husband, the human shield and Chinese New Years, London”

  1. Your pictures are fantastic!!! Unlike mine….anyway, the kids looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! This will be something they won’t forget! Great day out with the family! Those Chinese surely know how to party!

    You’re patient. I’m not sure I could handle crowds like that. Claustrophobia would set in!

    Thanks for sharing!


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