My family are safe and sound!

The eye of Cyclone Yasi passed far enough south from Cairns to not cause my sister’s home any major damage.  It was a terrifying 24 hours for my sister, my nieces and my nephews but they’ve come through it in one piece and with a roof still over their heads.  They won’t have power for quite some time but fortunately they are stocked up on supplies and feeling just so relieved to be in one piece.

Sadly the people of Innisfail, Tully, Cardwell and Mission Beach weren’t so lucky and many of their homes were torn apart.  There have been no reports of death or major injury to the residents of Far North Queensland and I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

These photos of the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi have been taken from here and here.

A car knocked on its side by a falling tree in Townsville. Photo: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images


An overhead view of destruction in Cardwell. Photo: Paul Crock/AFP.


A house in Mourilyan which had been seperated into two sections was badly damaged as Cyclone Yasi passed over. Photo: Glenn Hunt.

Strong winds hit a section of The Strand in Townsville. Photo: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images.

Houses that have lost their roofs in Cardwell. Photo: Paul Crock/AFP.

Emergency Services crews cross the flooded Bruce Highway at Liverpool Creek. Photo: Glenn Hunt.

A house lies in ruins in Tully. Photo: Tim Wimborne

An aerial view of Tully in the wake of Cyclone Yasi. Photo: Paul Crock


2 thoughts on “My family are safe and sound!”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that everyone is safe! I feel so sorry for that poor little country though. What it has been through in the last month or so. Destruction has to be in the billions of dollars. It’ll take months, maybe even years to get things back to normal.
    Thanks for sharing and letting us know everything is ok with your family!

  2. Thanks Irene 🙂

    It is definitely a huge blow to Australia. Our economy is built on agriculture, mining and tourism. Queensland being a huge contributor to all three. Sugar cane and bananas have both been wiped out by this latest blow.

    Cairns is a big tourist destination so its definitely a relief that it should be back up on its feet sooner than expected. Though honestly if I were contemplating a holiday abroad I think I’d steer clear of Queensland with all that’s happened this summer. It’s going to take years before tourism picks back up I suspect.

    We are sneakily hoping that when we go back home for a holiday in the next 18 months we’ll find some beach side accommodation on the cheap…but not at the cost of all these people losing their homes and livelihood obviously!

    How are you faring in the snow storm’s sweeping the U.S? 2010/2011 have certainly been extreme on weather!

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