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…in January?  in London?

I know, hey!   I was shocked too.

3 thoughts on “Sunlight”

  1. Ugh, they’re sailing!!! How awesome is that! Where did you go? It’s beautiful there! I see you all have been having wonderful temps. Suppose to go up to around 50 degrees F (don’t know what that is in Celsius) this week for you! We’re getting MORE snow, sleet and rain tonight into tomorrow and Wednesday. There’s already 6 – 8 inches of snow on the ground and temps can’t get out of the 30’s. And as for the sun? We get it maybe for an hour in the morning and then it disappears behind the clouds. This has been the worse winter for me. Love the pictures! I’m jealous!


  2. It was the first day in months that the sun actually felt a touch warm and inviting. Normally its just a quick peek from behind some grey cloud cover and it disappears just as quickly as it appears!

    The area we live in has some gorgeous old docks like this one. There’s a water sports centre across the water there and they jump at a calm clear day to get out on the water. We live here –
    The “description” section tells you a little about the docks 🙂

    yikes! I hope things start to warm up in your neck of the woods soon 😦 Snow after Christmas just tends to drag on painfully.


  3. I looked it up on Google maps and I never realized how windy the Thames is! You live in a beautiful area! Being an avid sailor, to sail in January would be a fantastic! Not much of that going on here on the east coast of the USA. Unless you’re into ice sailing. Never done it. Not sure I want to, it’s very dangerous.

    Thank you for sharing! I love learning about new places in England.


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