Crazy Aussie Weather…

Today has been an emotionally draining day.  My “baby” (who is actually a soon to be 5 year old) started Reception (Prep for my Aussie readers) .  All of my kidlets are now in full time schooling and it feels like the end of an era.  I thought I’d be a blubbering mess and I was certainly a little misty eyed but no dramatic death scene sobs before a crowd of on looking parents and teachers, thank goodness!   Anyone who knows me well would almost think I’d been possessed by the ghost of a competent house wife with all the ironing and washing I’ve gotten done today in attempt to occupy myself.  I’m sure this mild flurry of housework will soon subside and I’ll be back to my slothful self before the week is out but goodness it’s quiet without a constant tirade of questions from my little man.

This in itself would have made for an emotional day but then we received an email from family back home to say they were getting ready to evacuate as the flood waters are set to peak in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (Australian time).  We called them right away to get an update and have kept in contact every hour or so since.

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland and after we married in 2003 we bought our home in Ipswich.  We have officially sold our house in Ipswich and settlement is on Monday (17th of January).  A small part of me is a little worried that the flooding may jeopardise the sale, but more importantly my heart goes out to my sister-in-law who owns a small business and has received word that the water has now started flooding into the shopping complex where her shop is situated.

On top of that devastation she along with my Mother-in-law, Father-in-law and Nana-in-law are running around as I type this getting together food and leaving their home as it is an hour or less away from being completely flooded.  The road out of their suburb is blocked by flood waters and they can no longer evacuate from the area.  They’re taking refuge in a neighbours home on higher ground for the night and will assess the damage in the morning .  I can’t tell you how worried we are right now.

My parents are in Brisbane and as yet it hasn’t reached critical level like Ipswich, but 3/4’s of my home state is now under flood water.  A state that was drought ridden for most of my childhood and right into adult hood.  When we left Australia in May 2009 we were on strict water restrictions as Wivenhoe Dam‘s levels were critically low, now in early 2011 the dam is overflowing and all 5 flood gates have been opened.

For weeks I’ve kept track of the awful flooding in Queensland but all of a sudden its come so close to home.  I have extended family in Toowoomba where they had a violent flash flood on Monday and my Mum hasn’t yet had word on whether they are safe or not.  Footage of Toowoomba can be found here.  Naturally I felt for all the families experiencing tragedies further north over the past two weeks but when its your own family and friends and you’re overseas with no way to aid them in this tough time, its heart breaking.  The flood waters are still rising, our friends and family are still waiting, watching and hoping and we’re nervously awaiting updates over the next two days.

Information on the flooding can be found here, here and here.

1 thought on “Crazy Aussie Weather…”

  1. Wow, I heard about the flooding, but it must be extremely frustrating having family and friends there and not being able to assist in aid. I’ve never seen flooding so extensive. Not eve here in the states. The Australians went from almost ZIPPO water to WHOA, WAY TOO MUCH….I hope they stay safe and out of harms way. I feel bad for your sister who has the business. That’s got to be devastating. I hope your house settlement goes through.

    As for your 5 year old, enjoy the peace and quiet. You’ll get used it. It’s best for both of you!


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