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Last year I had the dreaded Swine Flu and it knocked me out on my arse more so than any other flu I’ve had in my adult life…though it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as I’d imagined given all the hype Swine Flu was given!

This year I didn’t get a flu shot and lo and behold come December Mstr. 6 had come down with the flu.  The poor thing had a horrible headache, a burning chesty cough, aches and pains all over and a fever.  I rushed him to the doctor on Friday morning and it was certainly the flu, nothing bacterial.  Mstr. 4 was the next to fall but so far has only had a mild case of the flu.  Hubby had a flu shot at work so is all clear and Mstr. 9 has been a little under the weather for the past few days but nothing serious.

Then there’s me.  Oh lucky, lucky, dodgy immune systemed me.  This flu has matched last years swine flu and raised it a burning chest that is just constant agony.  It’s starting to wear me down.  After caring for my sickly little ones all weekend I was already run down and may be why it hit me so hard.

We sold the car a few months back as the boys school is a short walk away.  Normally the walk is a cinch even in the cold…but breathing in cold air whilst my body is struggling to recover from this flu, equals disaster.  It’s a wonder I made it home without passing out on that first day (when I clearly had no business leaving my bedroom let alone the house).  I can’t describe the agony of trying to gasp in cold air because a few steps is enough to have me panting with that burning throat and chest thing going on.

This post was started on the 15th whilst I was still in the thick of the flu.  I’m finishing it off early morning of the 18th and yesterday I kept the boys home from school.  By far the best decision I’ve made all week.  I finally feel like my body is starting to recover, though I suspect if I walk myself on the snow covered ground to the rubbish bins I’ll get that icky kick of gasping for breath like an old lady all over again.

4 thoughts on “Icky”

  1. Oh, I’m sorry! I have something myself at the moment, not the flu, probably a low grade cold. And the cold cold air doesn’t help. I know the tight feeling you get in your chest when you take a breath. And when mommy gets sick, there’s no rest for the weary, mainly you!

    I hope your feeling better before Christmas!


  2. Thank you, I hope I’m better before Christmas too 😦 I’ve lost my Christmas spark for sure!

    I hope your cold clears up quickly, any kind of sickness is such a downer at Christmas and the cold air doesn’t help.


  3. Are you feeling better! Noticed you haven’t posted. Hope all is well.
    Just wanted to let you know also that I changed the title of my blog to “The Soap” box. Issues with come locals in my area.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! At least it will be a white one!


  4. Heya!

    I’m still kicking! I can’t say we’re all 100% yet but mainly its this Man-Cold my husband and eldest son (turns out 9 is old enough for a man-cold) have that’s still lurking. I pushed my hubby to the doctor this morning (honestly! They carry on like they’re going to die and then you make them a doctors appointment and its, *cough* *cough* “no, no I’m fine….” *cough* *cough* “I don’t need to see the doctor”)…and the doctor gave him the all clear…just viral.

    Hopefully now that he doesn’t envisage himself drowning in his own mucus every time he coughs he’ll start to psychologically recover.

    Sorry to hear you had to change the name of your blog! The Soapbox is a cute new name though and hooray for ditching the drama from the locals in your area.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas also. Me I’ll probably be unbuttoning my pants from overindulgence sometime tomorrow night and won’t be rebuttoning them again until after Boxing Day 😉


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