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I’ve just read an article saying that Children’s charities have had a boost in donations due to the facebook campaign I mentioned in my previous post.

So I’ll admit maybe I was a little too judgemental.  However comments such as,

“While the origins of the Facebook campaign are unknown, many child abuse prevention organizations nevertheless welcomed the attention it has brought to the issue. Some have even experienced a big jump in traffic and monetary donations.”

make me wonder if the rate of actual donations (as opposed to people like myself checking a local children’s charity website to see if it was affiliated with the campaign and on discovering nothing then closing it without a thought) would have been higher if it had been backed by an actual charity and a there had been a link attached to the status updates that were here, there and everywhere rather than just changing your photo for fun.

Though extra traffic to their websites certainly isn’t anything to scoff at.

I still maintain 99% of these thinga-ma-jiggy status updates are a useless annoyance.  Maybe I’m just a cynical cow, I’m cool with that.


1 thought on “okay…”

  1. Whatever it’s purpose was or wasn’t, it was fun looking at everyone’s choices for cartoon pics. Nice to know that it did benefit charities. So even if it WAS a goofy prank by some dorks wearing skate shorts, it worked out in the end. WIN WIN situation!


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