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A snowy, snowy week…

…where the mail came to a stand still.

London was probably the least (out of all the UK) affected by the snow last week.  It was still enough of a smothering to turn motorists into crazy, CRAZY nutbar’s, cats into adept hide-the-pee’ers –

(Eddie’s personal favourite tactic is to quietly sneak into a room behind you, watch you drop your clothes or towel on the floor, raise his tail for a bit of a whiz and then ghost right back out again…)

– and Australians into giggly school girls.

Snow still excites me to no end (as long as I’m not driving in it) and probably will continue to for a few more winters yet.

The boys had the second Snow Day of their lives.  Our previous one was probably a bit more fun as we lived on an estate out in rural (ish) England with loads of other kids for snow ball fights and plenty of vacant space to run about in.  Londoners keep to themselves so it’s not so much a shared experience (you don’t have a yarn with the old guy walking his dog about the snow fall in his youth but rather continue staring straight ahead like all good Londoners).  It was fun all the same!

The first day we only had a light sprinkling, but by the second day it was of the winter wonderland variety.

I had an attack of the Procrastination Monster and didn’t make a snow man with boys (oops).  Fortunately for James Daddy made a ghetto snowman during our walk to Tesco.

I picked the older two up from school and our magical walk home with other children frolicking through the snow jovially celebrating the news school was closed tomorrow, sledding and generally being joyful was not realised by my darling children.

No.  We were happy-go-lucky for all of 2 minutes before the big one clobbered the middle-sized one with a massive snowball in the face (mouthful of snow) and then the middle one apparently stole a treasured (and I am assured very unique) shard of ice from the big one…with a heated chase and a booming argument ensuing…it was an interesting walk home.  Oh the joys of having sons!  At least I don’t have to teach anyone how to apply eyeliner….unless I’ve birthed Emo’s of course.

The snow has now melted and the post has started popping through the mail slot again.  Our cupboards are no longer slightly bare (grocery deliveries just didn’t turn up last week) and squirrels are bouncing about in the woodland once more.  We’re still missing quite a few parcels, fingers crossed they arrive before Christmas, eek!

1 thought on “A snowy, snowy week…”

  1. We had snow on Thanksgiving, a whole 1/2″. It flurries now and then, but is mostly cloudy and grey. If it’s going to be like that, at least have it do something. I don’t mind the cold and snow for the holiday, but after New Years, it can go back up to 75 degrees!

    I loved going out in the snow with my boys when they were little. I miss those days.


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