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A Teeth Chatteringly Good Time

Last weekend I was dragged moaning out into the big wide world for my parents Christmas gift to the family.  They bought us tickets to the London Eye plus 45 minutes on the ice skating rink below.  It didn’t snow (dang!) but there was a definitely a bit of bite to the cold breeze coming off the Thames.

The boys posed with the lit up snow flake thingies before sunset hit (just before 4pm).  The London Eye is tourist central even at the best of times.  I cringe to think how crowded it must be in the summer time!

We waited in line for 30 minutes to get onto the Eye.  Queue’s aren’t so bad when its -2 with a breeze, the wall of people makes a ready made wind breaker and an aromatic (and by aromatic I mean of the wet wool variety) people-blanket.

Once in the air we took the perfunctory happy (you have to catch my hubby unawares if you want anything other than this stern expression in a photo, he was happy…promise) snap with Big Ben.

The ice skating rink below was sitting pretty.

The climbing on and off whilst it was moving freaked me out a little (I’m not the most coordinated of people) but we managed to herd everyone on and off without anyone falling and losing teeth.

We had some time to kill before our ice skating session began so we wandered through the Cologne Christmas Markets along the London Southbank.

Again we found that they paled in comparison to the German Christmas Markets in Birmingham so we’ll definitely be either training it into Birmingham New Street in the coming weeks or trying out the German Markets in Hyde Park in the hopes of recapturing that Christmas Market sparkle.

There were these adorable little houses on display and I was quite impressed that these two beanied bug-a-lugs managed to look but not touch ’em (phew!).

The fudge was calling to me, and naturally I answered eagerly with a “zomg, can we get ’em all?!”.  We ended up with Mint-Chocolate and Ginger-Whiskey fudge, it may or may not have been all gone by Sunday morning.

oops almost caught a smile!

The ice-skating was awesome.  Fortunately for me I wasn’t the only klutz on the ice.  I was the only klutz in the family on the ice, but in my defence no one offered to push ME around on the back of an orange plastic seal so pfft!

Here’s me not falling over (hooray!)

The ice skating photos are courtesy of Mr. I-Can-Skate-Without-Gripping-The-Side-Until-My-Knuckles-Are-Drained-Of-All-Colour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

3 thoughts on “A Teeth Chatteringly Good Time”

  1. Hey, you’re smiling at least! Despite the weather, it looks like you had a good time. I would LOVE to go to the London Eye! Yeah, I’m that touristy. Oh, husbands never smile in pics. Though you did get a quick pic of yours for that fleeting moment! KUDOS!

    “-2 with a breeze coming of the Thames” LMAO! Just a slight chill in the air, eh? Eww, I know what you mean by the “wet wool blanket” smell!
    All those little cottages! I would have gone nuts and probably bought 10 of them!
    Pink fudge? Did you see that? Very cool!

    Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy a little glimpse of England with your blog!


  2. hehe 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I do love getting out and about in London…I just wish we lived further out and travelled in to sight see…rather then always being stuck in the hustle and bustle. The London Eye was definitely worth waiting in line for even if we did have to navigate tourists, lol.

    The pink fudge was Coconut Ice…mmm delicious!


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