Norwegian Christmas Fair

The weekend before last we went for a wander to visit the Christmas Fair held at the Norwegian Church not far from our house.

I’m not going to lie.  It did not live up to the massive banner erected advertising it for that weekend.  I think perhaps the problem was that we had been to the awesome German Markets in Birmingham last November.

The German Christmas Markets are a massive event and have an almost welcome crowd of folks tucking into their German sausages, gingerbread, candied nuts and most importantly the all important Mulled wine, German beer and hot chocolate with a shot of rum. I say “almost welcome” crowds because late November over here is dang cold at night!  A crowd just standing around for body heat is actually kind of nice…in an uncomfortable kind of way.  Let’s just say I was slightly less irked by the crowd on that particular occasion, no guarantees such a thing will be possible ever again!

The Norwegian Christmas Fair was a daytime event and reminded me of a church rummage sale only instead of cheaply priced second hand goods it was over priced Christmas wares.

There was mulled wine outside (where we hung out for most of our time there) and some delicious waffles, hot coffee and hot dogs.  We also bought some gingerbread dough to bake at home.  The mulled wine was tasty (with almonds and raisin..so a bit different to the norm) but was very sweet and non-alcoholic (sure it was 2pm on a Sunday but when your outside and its cold and you spot a big sign advertising Mulled wine you expect something that will warm your frosty palms and warm your innards too).

All in all it was worth a look as we didn’t have anything planned for the weekend, but I probably wouldn’t go again next year.  London has so many awesome Christmas markets that I’d rather try something new.



After the fair we walked home via Stave Hill in the Russia Dock Woodlands.   Views like that make me yearn for a decent camera, you can see such a great panoramic view of London from up the top.  Sadly our camera couldn’t capture the half of it.


1 thought on “Norwegian Christmas Fair”

  1. We have a festival called “Christkindlmartk” here in, where else, Bethlehem, PA. It’s a German festival with vendors and booths that have food and wares. There’s also ice sculptures. I do know one vendor is from Germany and has all sorts of hand blown glass Christmas tree ornaments. I haven’t been there in 8 years, but I’m trying to get a day together with my friend to come with me. It’s every weekend in December. Not sure if there’s mulled wine there or not.

    Love the pictures with London in the background. At least it was a nice time out with the family instead of being couped up in the house.


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