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Photo Hunt: Itchy

With the absence of bugs and menacing spiders England trumps Australia hands down on the crawling nasties.  The only thing that bites in England?  The plants!

A very large thicket of stinging nettle

…the stinging is youchie!  As that fades, the itching begins…

…and here’s Alex after falling into it on his bike
…slathered with a baking soda paste

7 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Itchy”

  1. YTSL – He had a bit of a miserable night and there were a few in odd places (like the bottom of his wrist so that putting his arm on his desk at school was uncomfortable) that hung around for a day or two but fortunately the worst of it was gone in 12 hours.

    ryoko – American T.V has sufficiently convinced me I never want to tumble into some Poison Ivy or Poison Oak! sounds and looks horribly itchy!

    Gizelle – He actually surprised me and controlled the urge to scratch it too much. I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself if it had been me 😦

    Thanks for stopping by guys 🙂


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