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Bonfire Night

Gee, haven’t we been out and about a lot lately?

Remember, remember the 5th of November…and we most certainly did.  After all how could we forget with the fireworks intermittently going off at all hours of the night in the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night?  I actually quite like hearing them go off at odd hours (2:30am the other night), though I’d imagine our cantankerous neighbour who complains regularly about our kids thumping up the stairs too loudly and interrupting his telly viewing, has been grinding his teeth and cursing his fellow Londoners.

I do so enjoy how the English embrace and celebrate special days like Halloween and Bonfire Night.  I suppose it comes down to everyone living in such close proximity to one another and the weather leaving everyone a bit miserable for a large portion of the year.  Any excuse to drink, be merry and set off fireworks is welcomed.

Our camera is a little darkness challenged but I did manage one clear photo of me and the boys at our local fireworks display and two perfunctory photos of the fireworks.

note the bar in the back selling the all important Mulled Wine!

I was a little disappointed there were no actual bonfire’s but can understand how dangerous it would be in central (ish) London with Bonfire’s all over the place.

Last year we spent Bonfire Night at Kenilworth Castle and watching fireworks over the backdrop of an old castle was amazing.  This year’s felt a little less formal and the crowd was a much more comfortable size in a local park (and we all know how much I loathe crowds) so it was a surprise to me that I had just as good a time this year as last’s.

1 thought on “Bonfire Night”

  1. Ugh, I hate crowds too, but sometimes you have to put up with them to enjoy other things. This sounds like a fun time! I wonder what other towns further north do?


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