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Halloween 2010

This year was our second Halloween and our first in London.  The boys already had their costumes ready from our Saturday spent at the Comic Book Convention and with the addition of some fake blood and Master 9 bearing a nasty looking plastic Scythe we were ready to roll.  Oh and I also donned a witch’s hat and cape to walk our super heroes around the neighbourhood.

We didn’t realise last year that Halloween was celebrated here and it was a last minute dash wrangling up costumes once we realised!  This year was our first attempt at carving pumpkins (well, hubby did most of the carving).

…and here’s what we ate…it was a pumpkin heavy menu to use up our massive pumpkin (my baby) hubby gallantly carried home from the City Farm a few weeks ago

Sausage and Pumpkin Stew (I assure you it tasted better than it looks) and Colcannon
Pumpkin soup
Pumpkin Pie

…and…me dressed as a witch…moonlight and jack-o-lantern’s = my new favourite lighting

The awesome thing about Trick-or-Treating in London?  You never know what accent you’ll hear until they’ve opened their door.  We had a Canadian house, an Irish house, a few Eastern European houses (I apologise, from the curb I couldn’t determine their particular accent)…a large smattering of English and my favourite – an Aussie who excitedly asked if he could take a photo of the kidlets.  I bet he Facebooked it as “Three English children Trick-or-Treating”…the accent’s must be fading!

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