Our Weekend, Pt. 1

Saturday was spent weaving our way through crowds and cramming ourselves onto public transport with a pint-sized Superman, Batman-1 (the friendlier and littler version) and Batman-2 (the larger and more menacing version).

After a few wardrobe malfunctions (Superman’s) and with a bundle of safety pins (not easy to find in shops the day before Halloween mind you) to cover any future rips or gape’s we were on our way to the London MCM Expo.

This being my first comic book convention I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect…the massive line was certainly an experience, though I did enjoy getting to sticky beak at all the costumes as we slowly weaved our way along the queue.

Surprisingly we were one of the few families with young kidlets.  Master 4 was a chick magnet (we could probably make a fortune offering him for hire by the hour as single guy’s little “nephew” )….I suspect he appears on a few facebook/flickr accounts with the amount of people asking if they could take his picture.  Naturally I think he’s quite possibly the cutest 4-year-old to walk the planet but I’m a teensy bit biased.

Playing Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Wii

Playing more video games…

The boys and a Storm Trooper…

We learnt how to play Magic: The Gathering from a woman with the patience of a saint (imagine explaining and playing through any game with a 9yr old, 6yr old and a 4yr old….yeesh!)

…a photo of a photo

Being the pack horse gets a little exhausting (youch my back!) but it was a fun day!

The DLR station was a teensy bit packed…

…Master 9 disturbed a small dog on the overground with his black mask on (he stopped barking when Master 9 removed the mask…but he kept eyeballing him the entire trip)

…and here is everyone tuckered out waiting for me outside Tesco…

Part 2 (Halloween) is over here

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