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Photo Hunt: Dark

A few “dark” photos from around this time last year.  Please excuse the terrible picture quality, our camera takes decent photos between the hours of 3pm and 6pm and refuses to co-operate at any other time.

Fireworks over Kenilworth Castle on Bonfire Night 2009

Our First Halloween!

…and on a random note…I delved into the dark recesses of our tumble drier and cleaned all the lint out.  Here’s all the things I managed to recover.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever fished out of your lint filter or the largest ££/$$ value?  I scored £1.31…which reminds me the tooth fairy is meant to be visiting mstr. 9 and mstr. 6 tonight…oops!

8 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Dark”

  1. Love the fireworks shots! I find weird stuff in the dryer too. My daughter has a habit of not always cleaning out her pockets before clothes gets pitched in the laundry. Mostly coins though.


  2. I like how you included the photo of the audience with your fireworks photo. Halloween isn’t one of those holidays that I miss, but I can imagine the first one was exciting for your children.


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