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Hand sewn t-shirt pillow

I am not a sewer!  I did a little bit of sewing back in high school but only for 6 months in Year 8 and I’m pretty sure I snuck my sewing project (a pair of shorts) home and had my Mum help me finish them (oops!).  For this reason I was pleased to discover I could turn my 4-year-old’s favourite PJ top into a cushion/pillow with my dodgy hand-sewing skills.

Our 4-year-old since moving to the other side of the world and away from namely Grandma (my Mum) and Nana (hubby’s Mum) has felt a little displaced and become a little clingy.  Our 6-year-old spending his summer holidays back in Australia certainly helped our 4-year-old to learn some independence (normally those two were attached at the hip all day every day)…but he still has certain things he needs around him to feel comfortable and not get teary.

One of those things is the Pajamas that he fit into and wore before we left Australia.  He wore them every night (he has two pairs) for almost the entire first 12 months we lived in England.  Sadly he’s grown out of them and he’s teetering on them being too holey and stained to be worthy of anything but the rubbish bin!

So Mummy brainstormed and googled before offering to make the shirts into a comfy pillow for him to sleep with.

To make your own:

  • Turn your chosen t-shirt inside out (short or long-sleeved)
  • Thread your needle with a complimentary coloured thread (you’ll barely see it anywhere but on the neckline)
  • Lay the shirt out flat and make sure the bottom hems match up nicely
  • You may even want to give it a quick iron (this lazy Mum has iron-phobia)
  • The sleeves will just add extra stuffing to the inside of your cushion, you don’t need to cut them off
  • Hand-sew the bottom hem closed from corner to corner
  • Sew up both sides in a straight line, when you get to each sleeve try to keep the sides even (you’ll notice there’s a little sticky out bit on mine where the sleeves would have been before they were turned in…I tried to keep them about even on both sides but its no big deal)
  • Turn your pillow back out the right way and check that everything looks neat
  • Stuff your pillow (I used stuffing from an old pillow)
  • Begin sewing closed the neckline, I did this on the bottom inside seam so it’s barely visible and the neckline still sits like a t-shirt
  • I stopped halfway through the neckline and added more stuffing because I wanted it nice and full, fill yours until it feels the way you’d like.
  • Enjoy!
…excuse his snotty nose…its a rare event when he hasn’t got boogers…

I think it turned out pretty well considering my level of skill.  I haven’t done the second one yet (I want to get some proper stuffing this time).

He absolutely loved it when I surprised him with it,  but then 10 minutes later he came to me with tears running down his face saying, “I can’t ever wear my jamies again”.  Poor little possum!  After lots of cuddles I gently explained to him that they are so short (long-sleeved jamies that are almost up to his elbows!) and he’s getting to be such a big boy that he really can’t keep wearing them.  I assured him that he can keep his cushion forever and ever.

A few weeks on and I think he’s okay with it.

It was definitely one of those guilty Mummy moments for me.  On the one hand they are only pajamas,  but on the other hand if we hadn’t moved him away from family I don’t think he’d be so attached.  It’s almost as though his little mind doesn’t want to think about growing older and bigger because he doesn’t want to let go of his memories of life back in Australia.

If you’d like a neater cushion and have a sewing machine, I love the pillows this very talented lady made.

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