London, Out and About, The Kidlets

Surrey Docks Farm – Pt. 1

There’s something adorably English about a working City Farm snuggly plopped right beside the River Thames with views of tall buildings all around.  London never fails to impress me with its ability to be so crowded with people yet maintain its quaint and charming little nooks and crannies around every corner.  Surrey Docks Farm is in Rotherhithe, Southwark not too far from where we live.

…Jimbo, riding a goose

I do so love a good duck pond and the cutie-pie with his pom-pom hat (Crested Duck) made for some amusing anecdotes (primarily in my head of course)…

Being that I’m a classy lady, I mentioned in passing that we were walking through goat and chicken poop.  James’s excuse for giggling at this is that he’s 4…I’m 26 but I think standing in poo is timeless.

There were monster rabbits (totally adorable just larger than any rabbit I’ve ever seen) and murderous ferrets…or at least you’d think they were after I’d finished telling my kids the ferrets could chomp straight through their fingers.

fear tactics – keeping children’s fingers and toes whole and in their rightful place for centuries

…this is a bad angle…trust me, they were huge (by Aussie standards)

…gobble gobble

It was a fun and free day out with the kidlets!

This was our first visit, we returned again this past weekend for their Annual Harvest Festival!  Photos of that event to come.


…yes that’s grass on the roof! Love it!

…and home again…

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