Photo Hunt: Orange

The Orange around me

The orange tart I made over the weekend

The stock standard lunch I pack hubby for work in his orange lidded lunch box

Autumn leaves (okay so they might be a tad more pink than orange)

Brick apartment block at Greenland Dock, London

My middle child’s hair colour just might be my favourite shade of orange in the world ❤

16 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Orange”

  1. Thank you Marie 🙂 We’re off to a Harvest Festival at the local City Farm so I think it will definitely be a fun weekend! Probably a fair bit orange too 😉


  2. I gotta try my hand at your recipe for an orange tart, thank you. First time I ever heard about one. Neat photos. Your son’s hair coloring is one I’ve always wanted ever since I read Anne of Green Gables many hundreds of years ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Peace and Joy.


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