September Goals Update

I think I did okay this month, far from perfect but an improvement for sure!

  1. Lose or maintain weight in the month of September – the batteries died on the scales so I haven’t been able to weigh in this month. I think I’ve maintained based on how my body feels.
  2. Drink my water – FAIL
  3. Read, The Hobbit
  4. Blog at least twice per week
  5. Cook/Bake something new at least once per week and hopefully blog it
  6. Clean and sell the car – The car is sparkly and dirt-free (not an easy feat with three boys stomping mud through the back seat on a daily basis! It’s listed and a few people have shown an interest, not sold yet but I can’t really control that!
  7. View the bottom of the washing basket at least once per week
  8. Make it one full week (including Saturday and Sunday) without breaking my diet (I can’t remember the last time I managed that!)Last week was a good week…this week leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. Take the boys out at least once per week – FAIL!  unless walking through the woodland counts…pfft!

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