London, Out and About, The Kidlets


Mstr. 9 fell off his bike in the woodland on his way home from school yesterday.  To make matters worse his fall was broken by a very large overgrowth of stinging nettle.  He jumped out of the bushes as fast as he could howling in pain.  I rescued his bike and walked it home for him whilst he hobbled along painfully.  Naturally this was the one day in the past month I decided to wear a skirt and flip flops….no complaining here as my few measly stings on my feet and legs were nothing compared to his!  The rash was just terrible.  We’ve encountered our fair share of Stinging Nettle during our “Public Footpath” adventures in the Midlands but we’ve never had it bad enough to get a rash.

My baking soda and water paste,  thankyou Dr. Google!

The baking soda really does help if anyone stumbles across my blog and needs a quick solution for the horrid stinging (followed by itching…eek!)

He’s feeling much better today thank goodness!

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