I was on a roll…

…but then I got sick.

blech!  I think we picked up a cold during our commute to and from Heathrow last week and I’ve been wasted for the past few days.  I have the lovely bright red and flakey nose thing going on and we’re dangerously close to running out of both tissues and toilet paper.

So anywho!

  • Mstr. 9 is doing pretty well in Year 5 so far (this is his third week).  He was in Year 2 when we moved to the UK in July ’09 and skipped 6 months of Year 2 and began Year 3 in September ’09.  He completed Year 3 in the Midlands and then we moved to London.  The school we enrolled him in here firmly believe in teaching children in their correct Year group for their age.  This is the policy in the U.K in general (i.e you don’t get held back a grade they give you extra support to catch you up) however the boys last school was a small school and I’m guessing the Head Teacher didn’t want him throwing off her OFSTED ratings.  So basically he’s skipped Year 4 altogether (eek!).
  • Mstr. 6 has shed almost all the chubba he gained in the 6 weeks he spent back in Aus.  He hasn’t a clue that anything had changed…I just had the boys out in the woodland behind our house riding bikes and generally running around feral for the better part of the last week.  I knew he’d balance out once he had his brothers around the play with again.  Now if only my metabolism wasn’t such a biatch!  I’ve been out and about with them, but I’ve actually gained a little 😦
  • Mstr. 4 has become 100% easier to parent this week.  Primarily because he chatters away to Mstr. 6 all day and that’s taken the pressure off me to hold up my side of the conversation from morning till night.
  • I found another patch of blackberries in the Woodland on the way home from school today.  They aren’t quite ripe so we’ll have to go brambling again maybe this weekend…mmmm pie!
  • Blogging should pick up again when I stop feeling like the walking dead!

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