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Cooling down

I’m so looking forward to Autumn!  It has always been my favourite season.  My birthday was always in Autumn so that was always a plus…but mainly it was a huge sigh of relief as the summer heat subsided and a chill seeped into the air.  Now that we live in England the summer heat isn’t really an issue but the beauty of Autumn is spectacular.

Yesterday evening we wandered through the woodland walk near our house (I walked, the boys rode their bikes).  There was a chill in the air but not so much that it was uncomfortable.  It was still light out at 7 and everything smelt great but without sending me into a sneezing fit (boo allergies!).

I can’t wait until the leaves start to change colour.  I took loads of summer pics when we lived in the Midlands to compare to Autumn and Winter snaps.  I might have to go for a long walk in the next few days to capture the green before everything begins changing around here.

London is growing on me…our little nook of London anyway!  The tube will always be a pain in the arse, as will the driving…but anything walking distance is winning me over.  The rain we’ve had has certainly helped too…when we first moved into our current home the summer had been abnormally dry by English standards.  All the parks were brown and dusty.  If nothing else London was meant to give me some green eye-candy….stupid weather!

Now that things are green again I’m enjoying walking through the park (preferably at odd times when very few others are around).

I found an awesome Eco Walk in the park and a lookout with views of Canary Wharf .  I’ll definitely have to head back up there soon if only to get a bit of exercise!

hmmm…so I’ll admit it…its not all bad!  The homesickness (this time for our Midlands house) period seems to get shorter with every new move…maybe eventually I’ll be good at it and won’t go into the throes of depression for weeks on end every time we move.

The crappy thing this time was that I knew what was happening…I knew why I was so unhappy but I couldn’t help it.  I suppose being aware of it meant that I wasn’t as big a misery guts as last time (remember me holed up in a hotel room sleeping 18 hours a day and not eating?  crazy lady).

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