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Hadleigh Castle

If you happen to be planning a visit to Hadleigh Castle in Essex don’t go expecting a polished touristy location (it is no Dover Castle).  It was a short drive out of London (took us about an hour from SE London) and for a nervous driver like me (even when I’m not in the driver’s seat) we were on A-roads the entire way so no zooming down a motorway with me picturing what would happen if we had to brake suddenly (squish).  Once in Hadleigh finding the castle took a few scoots around the town centre but we did eventually find the inconspicuous road disguised as a teeny lane.  At this point all signage stops and you’ll arrive at a dead-end with a bit of graffiti and public footpath sign and wonder where you’ve taken a wrong turn.  Never fear, you are in the right place!  Leave your car on the side of the road and walk through the public footpath gate.  Follow the dirt trail heading for the top of the hill.

I had begun to doubt my choice of Saturday outing as we walked around muddy puddles and farm animals…but then we reached the top of the hill…and I spotted the view.

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After wandering through the ruins and taking in the breathtaking view of the marshes below we headed into Southend-on-Sea planning to check out a theme park I’d seen during a hurried google search.  Coincidentally there was a Carnival in a park on the same street as the theme park we never did see.

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