August Goals Update

  1. Read, Marian Keyes Sushi for BeginnersI’m 3/4’s of the way through it, I was too buggered to sit up and finish it last night…sooo close but not quite there.
  2. Read, Kathy Reichs Monday MourningDone!  One of her better books but I think I need a break from crime fiction for a while!
  3. Cook/Bake a new recipe at least once per week and blog them! fail on the blogging them bit…oops
  4. Finish unpacking the last of the boxes. – I did sort through them and determined that the remaining stuff has no home to be unpacked to!  We have more glasses, mugs and crockery then we have space in the kitchen.
  5. Clean and sell the car. – I took photos of it…but haven’t listed it yet.
  6. Take the boyo’s out somewhere at least once per week.Admittedly I haven’t taken them out on my own…but it still counts if I drag my husband along, right?  We’ve been to the zoo, two castles and loads of picnic’s in the park whilst the weather’s still sunny.
  7. Drink my water every day (eek!  I’m getting better with this but still far from every day!). – I think I was actually worse this month…but I cut out alcohol for the last two weeks so that’s gotta help!
  8. View the bottom of the dirty washing basket at least once per week. – FAIL
  9. Lose weight rather then gain weight!  Though to be honest I’d be thrilled if I just managed to maintain in the month of August. – Official weigh in to come…I was 76.9kg’s a few days ago…I was 77-something at the beginning of August.  I’ll call it a maintain (thank goodness!!).

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