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We did Dover Castle in our usual fashion.   We turned up an hour before closing time much to the guy at the gate’s distaste (I’ve noticed human being’s inability to keep their gob shut if someone else is doing something unconventional…he just HAD to tell us that we really should have left home earlier as we really NEED 3 or 4 hours at the castle.  Seriously, if only we had a time machine dude…if only).  I like our rushed attempt to see what we want to see.  In fact neither of us feel the need to ever go back to Dover Castle…I’m sure we missed stuff but we prioritised what we wanted to see and headed straight for it.

To be honest, the number one must see of Dover Castle is the view!  Head straight up to the roof of the main building and feast your eyes on the 360 degree view.  I like to stand in an old castle, read a few tidbits about battles fought, who built it, how many times the castle changed hands and what they were used for….and then my imagination does the walking and I can almost envision what must have been going on hundreds of years before on the very spot I’m standing.

Dover Castle’s grounds are freaking exhausting but a great workout!  There’s not a whole lot of flat ground.  There’s a land train that will ferry you around, but where’s the fun in that?

We missed the WWII tunnel tour but accidentally entered the tunnels through the exit and saw enough to be satisfied.

Gorgeous views of ferry’s coming into port from France, a brief view of the White Cliffs and the beach below.

Alex was a little disappointed by the English, “beach” but throwing stones in the water and finding a small patch of sand lifted his spirits.

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