…corner of my eye

…diddly squat!

It’s been  a warm weekend (hot by English standards) and clearly I’ve become a bit of a heat-wimp because 30 degrees actually got me breaking a sweat!  Too many more years here and I’ll be a squelchy, sweaty mess on an early Spring’s day back in Brisbane.

When things get hot and I dare to leave a door open (they don’t do screen doors or fly screens on windows here) it struck me today that I’ve always naturally been on cockroach/spider/stingy-insect-of-some-description/toad alert.  I had good reason for this as all those things are regular visitors in our house at some point during summer (with the exception of cane toads, that’s only happened twice….icky!!).  Heck its only a short period of months in a year that those things aren’t in swarms.  I’ve been just naturally expecting to see cockroaches at the very least and its thrown me for a loop that I’m not being eaten alive by mozzies with our back door hanging wide open.

A bit of sunshine has been lovely though seriously England, if global warming extends your summers and heats them up then you totally need to reconsider the design of your windows!!!  We’ve stayed in 4 places in England with windows (yes I’ve added the “with windows” because our first two weeks were spent in a hotel room with no windows) and all of them are shite for air flow.

On the down side, apparently it’s either: a) London air that gives me atrocious hay fever or b) Summer is when I start to be affected by it not Spring.  It’s hard to say as we were in London at this time last year too and once my hay fever was well under way once we moved north a change of environment probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

On a positive note…I’ve whipped up a ghetto low-carb dessert for when I’m craving something naughty:

  • 2 tbsp. of cornish clotted cream OR whipped full fat cream out of a can (told you it was ghetto!)
  • 1 teaspoon of splenda
  • a few drops of pure vanilla extract (good quality stuff is best)

Pop it on a plate either stir together or mix as you go with each spoonful.  I find the cream dull’s that artificial sweetener aftertaste that I hate (it’s that “zomg I’m giving myself cancer” moment after each bite or sip).

If you’ve progressed from the Induction Diet (first two weeks) then 1 or 2 fresh strawberries are gorgeous with this also if your carbs are okay for the day.

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