…misleading weight loss

I’m 74.0kg’s (yay-er-ific!  w00t!)

However I’ve dropped back into mopey London induced sloth state where actually eating seems like a whole lot of un-necessary effort.  Not having milk for coffee for the first 3 days didn’t help a whole lot on the getting out of bed front either.  What? Why didn’t I pop down to the shop and buy some milk you ask? pfft!  You’re clearly unfamiliar with the rules of hermit-like moping!  Sunlight and fresh air are banned, for sure!  Speaking with other adults is frowned upon (self-chatter is encouraged) and anyway, if I had the coffee to partake in I might possibly feel inclined to drag myself out of my doom and gloom state of mind (crazy talk!).

On day three of my coffee hiatus I cracked open a tin of condensed milk and poured that into a cup of coffee.  Needless to say I went on a brief sugar high and I made myself sick eating the remainder of the tin over the next hour or so.

So with the condensed milk in mind and my infrequent meals I am shocked I haven’t stored some yummy fat in all my bodies favourite regions (namely my flabby belly, the top of my arms  and in recent years my ass and thighs).

I’ve jumped back onto the low carb wagon today and I have been fairly low-carb friendly over the past week if we turn a blind eye to the condensed milk incident, the donut and the packet of lollies.  Oh and also I ate 5 strawberries today.  Compared to all those other cheats I’m not really fussed about the strawberries.

I’ve lost another inch off my ass too, which is always welcome!

The bags under my eyes and pasty complexion (topped off by some kick ass zits (if I was in a grosses zit competition that is)) make the smaller ass a little pointless really.

If I know my body (yep its built for World War Three hiding under ground without food to speak of and needing fat stores to live off of indefinitely) then even with good eating for the next week I will probably gain a little.  I’ll brace myself!

Maybe I’ll allow myself to be coaxed out the front door sometime this weekend.   Then again, maybe not?

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