…23 degrees today!

An insight into the mindset of the mildy attractive 20-something Englishman –

  • Gee, been lifting me weights and toning my abs all winter…I’m looking buff…
  • hmmm….its 20 degrees out!
  • I know….I’ll give me car a wash.
  • (wanders out into his front garden)
  • …oooh errr….bit warm
  • …best take me shirt off…
  • …wash wash, scrub scrub (looks around expectantly)…
  • hmm…that went a bit too quickly…
  • …best start over…

and one hour later we witness the lucrative English beetroot.  I witnessed two in my travels today (within a few streets of home) and one at the local shops.  In their defence  at least they’ll be t-shirt tan free when they holiday in Europe for the summer.

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