“I mean, I love Jen…but she really needs to get off her butt and get a job”.

…wait…so…not, “has Jen considered finding work?”…not, “how would you guys feel about Jen going out and working?”…no questions at all actually.  Just an outright statement to my husband whilst on the phone.

No I wasn’t eavesdropping, he called his Mum on the laptop without a headset and sat behind me.  It’s irrelevant anyway as he would have filled me in on what was said regardless.  He might have left the getting off my butt bit out in the interest of peace but I’d have gotten the general gist of the conversation.

I’ve come to realise that whole, “time apart makes the heart grow fonder” thing clearly doesn’t apply to the bitter, twisted cynics among us.

Distance sure does make grudge holding a smoother and simpler process though…so there’s always that.

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