Spring time…yay!

So…we had a few weeks of sunny days and temperatures above 15 degrees and it has been glorious!   However, given how much weight I still need to lose I’m remiss to give up my flattering black mac that covers up my bumpy bits quite nicely.  Fortunately the rain that started on Friday and has been dribbling down in drips and drabs  all long-weekend has brought with it chilly winds and we’re back below 10 degrees.  If the sloppy weather could just hold out another month or so that’d be great!  Come on, its England!  That shouldn’t be so much to ask!!

So anyways!  I need to go on a long walk around where we’re living to complete my set of seasons before we leave.  I think we timed it pretty perfectly.

  • We arrived in the West Midlands in full blown Summer (walking through fields of weeds taller than myself, bees galore, fingers grazing stinging nettle every 5 minutes and almost breaking an ankle on the uneven ground buried under the web of grass and weeds……..and loving every minute of it!).
  • Autumn was spectacular with the oranges, yellows, pinks, browns and reds of the leaves all around, the slight chill in the air and the shorter days.  Autumn has always been my favourite season since I was a kid, I think it still is!
  • Winter here was just, wow!  Obviously it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  I vividly remember the weather forecast promising snow for days before it finally arrived out of the blue one afternoon.  I squealed in delight and called out telling James, “It’s snowing!!!!”.  Then we went outside and ran around like fool’s over the measly bit of snow that was falling, giggling until we got too cold and heading in to cosy up to the fireplace.  Driving in it was quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life and a 12 hour drive to Scotland in sleet and snow (2 days before Christmas) was both draining and exhilerating at the same time.  My favourite winter day was the boys first ever, “Snow Day”.  The snow was so deep!! and I didn’t have to drive, I didn’t have to scrape my windscreen and there were snowball fights and snowman enthusiasts everywhere.
  • Now we’ve transitioned into Spring and again, just gorgeous!!  The trees I snapped photos of with their beautiful Autumn leaves and then saw bare and covered in falling snowflakes are now sprouting bright green leaves and getting more beautiful by the day.  Everything’s so alive and new, its refreshing.

Honestly…Australia does not get a proper four seasons…not really!  In Queensland anyway its more different shades of brownish-green grass and your flower beds are a little more colourful in Spring.  The seasons are more like:  hot-hot , warm, cold, warm-hot and then hot-hot all over again.  That said most people I talk to here would give this climate up in exchange for ours in a heart beat.   Maybe when the novelty wears off I’ll start to understand where they’re coming from?

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