Week One, over and done…

Mitch’s first week of his new job in London and my first week of semi-single mothering.  This week was tough to say the least!  You don’t realise how much you depend on someone until they’re gone!  Scary thought!

Aside from the obvious things (someone to snuggle up to in bed, someone to talk to about my day, someone to watch episodes with before bed, companionship in general!) I realised just how much my day revolves around reaching 6pm when Daddy will walk through the door and the burden will be halved.

We made it through alive and kicking and with hopefully minimal emotional scarring.  I lost weight rather than gaining it (no one to stay accountable to! eek!) so I’m pretty proud of myself in that respect.  Low-carb seems to be working well for me so far.

I’ve had a few issues with not drinking enough water.  Low-carb is no time to become lax on water consumption I’ve discovered!!  You will get light headed and scarily so.  It’s definitely a good oomph in the right direction knowing that if you don’t drink your water there will be repercussions that you can actually feel.

Weigh in this morning was 76.8kg’s.  Woohooo!  I love the even numbers (as long as they aren’t preceded by an 8).  60-something will be a dream come true…but that’s still a long journey in the process.

Bank holiday weekend this weekend so I have an extra day with Mitch home and can relax a little.  Wish me luck for my second week and hopefully the week’s will get easier as we go along.

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