Out and About, United Kingdom

Shopping…shopping…shopping {Bicester Village – Oxford}

Yesterday we went outlet shopping in Oxford.  I am sooo not fashion savvy enough to be doing such a thing (I can’t even put on eyeliner without looking like a dork).  Mitch starts his new job tomorrow so we were shopping for business attire.

…because I like taking random photos of the motorway when we drive places.
…arriving in Bicester…
…yep, we were by far the daggiest people there…”relaxed” sounds nicer though

…the kid-bribery area of Bicester Village. Playground and an overpriced gelato place
…naturally there’s somewhere to buy your kids some overpriced clothing right next door

…monkey boy
…and the child that shares my poor upper body strength     
…I’ve only recently noticed that not ALL children climb up the slide before sliding down….mine always have!
…yeah I tend to look a little more upbeat then this when I have 4 bags of clothing all for meeee! Must be a girl thing
…random bear statue number one
...This is Porridge...
…this is Porridge…
...see I was there...shoes and all
…see I was there…shoes and all
…even the public toilets were a bit posh…spa hand wash and hand lotion anyone?

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