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…we’re moving back to London.

…and the search for somewhere appropriate and mildly likeable to live begins again.

…truth be told I’d kill for an apartment block with a gym and concierge.  Preferably not a shitty concierge like our last one (how hard is it to smile and say hello when basically your entire day is spent sitting behind a desk in the foyer reading magazine’s? and he didn’t even have a pompous English accent….such a disappointment!).  We were kinda in the dodgiest apartment block in a row of 4.  Our’s was built first and didn’t have a gym or any of that jazz.  Then they built the next three bigger, better and with a gym.  We were in the povo old one and had to walk to the next apartment block to use their gym.

…unfortunately (aren’t I just the most doting mother ever?) we have the kids with us this time and somehow an apartment doesn’t seem like the best idea for housing three noisy and rambunctious boys!

I’m really hoping that 10-11 months of living out here and experiencing the English in a less sardined setting will mean I can slip into life in London a little better this time.  I have the added advantage of being able to hide behind my kids this time too…I love doing that!

1 thought on “So…”

  1. aloha,

    what a sweet interpretation of our photohunt challenge today for sweet. i really enjoyed seeing your cakes and the sweet kids too!

    have a nice easter!


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