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Photo Hunt: Fresh

Fresh –  1. New to one’s experience; not encountered before.


We’ve experienced a lot of new things in the past 10 months.  The most beautiful would have to be Southern Scotland in the Winter!  Last December was our children’s first experience seeing snow and mine and Mitchell’s first true snow experience (the top of a mountain in Japan with snow sitting on the ground doesn’t even begin to compare to seeing snow fall around you).

Hillcrest Cottage in Troon, Scotland

View from the dining room.

The beach at sunset in Troon.

Largs, Scotland.  Icey boardwalk and in the distance you can see the ferry across to Little Cumbrae Island.


8 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Fresh”

  1. Hello! You live in Scotland?!?!?! Oh I am so jealous! I am of Scottish ancestry, but have never seen the land.

    Do you travel often? Your mention of Japan makes me wonder. I hope to see the beautiful world someday.

    Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt today. Have a blessed weekend!


  2. Hello to you too 🙂
    We are originally from Queensland, Australia and we moved to London mid-2009. We moved from London to the West Midlands (England) not long after that and we drove up to Scotland with our three kids in tow for Christmas 2009. It was an interesting drive to say the least. Weather conditions were a little shakey and it took us 12 hours to cover the distance that should have taken 6 hours! Once we were in Scotland though it was well worth the effort! The views were breathtaking (I can’t begin to imagine how it must be in Spring/Summer with everything in bloom!) and needless to say we fell in love with Scotland and want to go back.

    My hubby and I spent 2 and a bit weeks in Japan 11 years ago and I think it was the original culprit for our travel bug 😉

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  3. I was suprised to see that the first definition for fresh was the one you have listed here! This makes for an excellent take on the theme. Traveling anywhere in the world would be a fresh experience for me. I was born outside the US and travelled around a bit before I was 2, but I sure don’t remember that! Snow is a wonderful thing. We’ve had lots of it here in the southern plains of the US this year. Thanks for stopping by!


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