Alice in Wonderland


The boys and I went to see Alice in Wonderland on Mother’s Day and I loved it!  I’ve seen so many disappointing movies in the last 12 months that it was a relief to see something enjoyable from start to finish!  I rarely disagree with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of a movie, but in this case I’m completely shocked it’s at 52%!!  I found this movie to be charming, whimsical, exciting, thoughtful and visually stunning.  It kept all three of my kids (aged 3 to 8) captivated too….and that’s not easy to do!

As a kid Alice in Wonderland freaked me out, BIG TIME!  Not enough that I refused to read or watch anything Alice in Wonderland related…but certainly enough for me to be a little apprehensive when I saw a trailer for the new movie.  I think I’ve been cured of my aversion.  Perhaps its because I was never a big Alice in Wonderland fan to begin with that I enjoyed this film…maybe its the die hard fans that have been dissapointed.

I’m a little wary of movies with too many big names in them, my theory normally being that if they throw big names around to draw an audience then the movie is probably lacking in other areas!  In this case though everyone was cast to perfection.  Mia Wasikowska was a joy to watch and the wardrobe changes throughout her journey added a subtle charm to an already eye-candy filled experience.  Johnny Depp was as always, amazing!  Stephen Fry as the voice of the Cheshire cat and Alan Rickman as the voice of the Blue Caterpillar topped it off for me (my taste in English accents has been finely honed since living here…its not a blanket statement anymore…especially when your surrounded by Brummy accents!).  Helena Bonham Cater was as always the perfect villain and Anne Hathaway pulled off the kinda boring role of a perfectly pure and sweet White Queen without putting me to sleep (the dead man fingers and spitting into the pot kinda helped 3-Dimensionlise (not a real word) her character from *yawn* to…*hmmm*).

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