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Mothers Day at School

I went to the Mothers Day assembly at the boy’s school today. It was ridiculously adorable watching Nursery, Reception and Year One’s singing to their Mum’s, reading out a poem they wrote as a class (Year One’s) and showing the painting’s they did of their Mum (Nursery). One of those definite warm and fuzzy moments for me.

I had lunch with Mstr. 5 and Mstr. 3 after the assembly. I can’t say school dinners are gourmet but hey, better than cooking for myself and I don’t mind a bit of overcooked lamb! It was lovely doing it with the boys.  Usually Mstr. 3 has lunch at home with me (Nursery finishes at 11:30) but my older two boys have school dinners every day and I have wondered what sort of food they’ve been eating.  Unfortunately Mstr. 8’s class were sent in for school dinners last today and so I completely missed seeing him.

My Mothers Day gifts from the boys:

An uncanny likeness, eh? I'm impressed he remembered my eyes ... on Twitpic

Mstr. 3 made me a card, a painting and gave me some daffodils.  Mstr. 5 gave me a box he decorated with a note he wrote and peppermint creams he and his class made (they were ridiculously yum, I’m tracking down a recipe!).

I feel spoiled considering I’ve already had mothers day in the past 12 months (M’Day’s in May in Aus and March over here).  Yay for me!

Do you think I could go all patriotic in May and demand an Australian Mothers Day?  Worth a try I say!

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day at School”

  1. Go for it, good mums are hard to come by these days I am sure that you deserve two mothers day’s just for eating over cooked lamb. I have three small children and I constantly remind myself to appreciate all the little things.


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