Out and About, United Kingdom


Okay, I’ll admit it….winter has now officially become long to me.  I’ve fought the urge to complain; I’ve enjoyed every moment of snow.  However, the ice on the car this morning got to me.  I wanted to throw a tantrum beside the car until the ice of its own volition slid to the ground.  I growled silently, bit my lip and went nuts with the de-icer spray.  The layer of ice on the inside of the windscreen that completely blinds,  I rubbed at it with paper towel before taking off but still I end up pulling over every couple of metres when blinded yet again by the sunlight hitting the layer I thought was gone.  The ice on the winding rural road to school; the potholes  the council are desperately trying to fill brought out by the heavy snowfall.

In the absence of pretty snow (and from what everyone around here has told me, there is very rarely snow just sitting on the ground like there was this year) winter is starting to wear me down.

There seems to be an ongoing argument over  here as to when Spring actually begins.  Officially its 20/21st of March but in recent years they’ve liked to neaten it all up and just go from the 1st (like the seasons in Aus).  The sun is definitely a little brighter today….but the thick layer of ice on my car in the mornings is so un-Springy that I’m screwing my nose up at this being Spring.

So in conclusion,  Winter I’ve loved ya.  Your pretty snow flakes, your mulled wine, your scarves and gloves, your wool coat that covers my spare tire from Christmas, you’re sitting around a warm fire and watching the snow fall outside, your hot chocolate with a nip of rum (mmmm), your snow men and snow ball fights and huddling with your family at an outside event with red noses and a grin on your face…but…if you stick around for much longer I just might forget all the joy and turn into a whingeing Aussie.

Bring on some pretty flowers and a couple of woodland creature sightings and I’ll be a happier me.

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