Out and About, The Kidlets

Sniffle Snuffle

Poor little man, home sick from Nursery today.  He normally fights naps like no body’s business but today the little munchkin asked me, “Mummy can I have another sleep now?”…naaaw!  He’s getting so big, even just looking at photos from last summer when we arrived in the U.K, he looks so much older now!

On another note, I’m officially out of Bones episodes. Yes I should probably have spaced them out so I could roll right into the next episode due to air at the end of March…BUT that kinda forethought assumes that I actually have a smidgen of self-control.  I of course don’t have any and I watched all 4 and a half seasons over the past week and a bit.  I love finding good shit that I got all, “nah doesn’t sound like something I’d wanna watch” on 5 years ago and can now go on an obsessive marathon and consume all of those years of viewing pleasure into a week and a bit.  Yay!  I have to say though, like many t.v shows their first season was their best!  Oh and why oh why did it get so gory for a while there?  Started off primarily with bones and then there were two seasons of gruesome fleshiness and now we’re back to bones again.

I’m off to bed before someone wakes up feeling ill and my sleepy time is over (the littlest boy and the biggest boy are both feeling like shite its only a matter of time before the middle two jump on the bandwagon).

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