Chinese New Year’s

We headed into Birmingham for Chinese New Year’s yesterday.  Alex had his first ever sleep over (naaaw another milestone) on Saturday night so we picked him up around lunch time on our way through to Birmingham.  We watched the dragon dance, adorable little girl’s doing traditional chinese dance and quietly snuck out during the traditional chinese opera performance.   We had noodles and rice and scrummy BBQ’ed kebabs for lunch, watched acrobats and quite possibly the dodgiest magician ever!

The crowds were crazy and I get mega grumpy when surrounded by that many people.  I know I’m no fun to be around when I get like that, argh!  Fortunately the crowds eventually died down and my mind cleared a little.  Then we bought cake from the Chinese stalls, fudge and rhubard and custard sweets from the adorable (and ridiculously over priced) little sweet shop and the sugar perked me up.

A trip to the port-a-loo’s with three little boys was enjoyable as always.  Thank goodness Mitch was with me so we did each child one at a time supervising them whilst they wee’ed to ensure they ONLY touched themselves and not the pee soaked toilet seat whilst the other parent held the coats .  After holding James up so he could aim “in” the toilet (he’s a bit short) and thanked my lucky stars I never had a daughter!  Me, I never use port-a-loo’s and will very rarely use a public toilet.  I perfected bladder control at a young age and can hold all day if I need to.

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