Do you ever…?

…lay in bed at night working out an action plan if a murderous robber enters your home and you only have moments to react?

last night’s plan of attack:

  • Mitch will run down the stairs to face the attacker head on
  • I will have moments to snatch Adam and James from their bed and throw them into my room whilst yelling for Alex to get up and run into our room.
  • If this goes to plan I’ll lock our bedroom door.
  • Push the wardrobe over the door and the chest of drawers.
  • Then I notice the glass over the top of our door and start to formulate what to do about that?
  • Then I imagine I’d have to lock the kids in the room and stand at the top of the stairs to ward off the attacker and keep him from reaching the kids.
  • I’d stand at the top of the stairs, hopefully with enough time to grab a weapon and hopefully enough force to shove him down the stairs.
  • Then I’d have to run down the stairs hoping he’s been thrown down hard enough to stop for a second whilst I try and incapacitate him.
  • What if I was too late to pull the kids from their beds?
  • I’d have to attack him from the top of the stairs, ordering the kids into the bathroom to lock the door (only two rooms upstairs with locks on the doors).
  • Ultimately the best spot to be would be the laundry, with no glass to break through and three solid doors with locks…..but we couldn’t get down there…
  • Once upon a time I may have tried to assist Mitch but I’m older and wiser now…..if he can’t take care of it…I’ll just get in the way and leave the kids unprotected….not to mention….having at least one parent alive is a perk for them…rather then two parents stabbed or shot.

It was at this point in the thought process that I understood completely the american mentality of exercising their right to bear arms.  Wouldn’t I feel, “safer” with a gun to protect my kids?

But then again, in America wouldn’t the home invader be more likely to break in armed with a gun rather than a knife?

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