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I’m hella good at making promises to myself:

  • “Definitely gonna start blogging again in 2010″…
  • “Back on track with my diet as of today, I’m going to hold off on the crap”…
  • “I’m going to spend more quality time with the kids”…
  • “I’m going to start formulating routine in my life and sticking with it”…

Alas, any long time friends or readers will know I’m flakey as they come with a short attention span.  I’ll jump on the bandwagon and do that thing to death for two weeks….OVER do it in fact….and them….PFFFT!!  So over it, let’s move on.

I fear my blogging obsession and doing it to death ended long ago.  I always miss my obsessions when they’re over as they are so absorbing at the time and make my life worth living to the point where I neglect everything else.  I miss my WoW addiction still to this day (for the record, that gap between my bulbous bottom and my chubby thighs…the little, dip?….it dissapeared during my months of sitting in front of WoW day and night….and I still haven’t gotten it back!!!  Maybe when I lose another 10kg’s??).  My obsession with killing the swine flu virus when we first arrived in the UK?  Aka: a different incantation of my OCD anti-bacterialing everything in sight obsession from years gone by that actually had me visualising the germs every item that walked through our front door was carrying and I couldn’t settle down and relax until I’d dettoled each item (I’m talking, a new box of cling wrap, a packet of toilet paper, the egg box, the milk bottle, shoes, jackets, parcels arriving through the post…)…I would attack anyone as they entered house instructing them to remove all their clothes in the entrance hall (visitors excluded obviously) before sanitising their hands and all their belonging and rushing the clothing to the washing machine.   I bleached the floors, bench tops and even a pair of now stained shoes because I’d run out of dettol spray and it was worth ruining them as long as they were clean!!!!

I got over the obsession and now I thoroughly miss it!  It gave me something to obsess over constantly and gaaawd was our house cleeeean!!!!

I want my blogging vibe back….I REEEEALLY do… I shall try….but I will probably fail.  Though I figure if your still hanging out here you came to terms with my unpredictability long ago and your okay with it.

*mwah* to you.

2 thoughts on “Promises”

  1. I’m a mom doing anything for a long time doesn’t happen. And I’m ok with the irregular posting, it fit in my lift well


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