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The Swine

I think I possibly had the swine.  I can’t be certain as they didn’t test me for which strain of the flu I had however I have had my flu shot this year…and I definitely had the flu…so its a distinct possibility.

Anywho!  What a pain in the arse its been.  I was completely wasted for 4 days and then for the next 10 days I’ve had this annoying cough, sinuses that throb like a crazy biatch and I am constantly tired.  It was also really weird…I actually lost my appetite!  Now for the record I have had vomiting bugs, flu’s, cold’s, chest infections, tonsilitis, ear infections, labour pains,  infected mastitis (with 40 degree temperature to boot) and general feeling sick and shitiness over the past 25 years and NEVER lost my appetite.  I can ALWAYS eat.  No matter what the circumstance, my body continues to demand a minimum of three meals a day (with the exception of that horrid period of depression whilst we were in London where I stayed in bed for weeks….although I was feeling hunger pains I was just too blue to get up and give into them).

This flu managed to achieve the impossible, I had to force myself to eat!

That said….if it was indeed swine flu.  What a fucking disappointment!?!  Sure I felt like turd, but I wasn’t coughing up a lung, lying half dead in bed in my own filth with an outline of sweat surrounding me on the bedding and a priest by my side.   Yes, I’m referring to the images of flu epidemic’s in the 1800’s and the plague and stuff….but that’s what I was imagining would happen…..pfft!!  Disappointing.

Today is the first day I’ve been able to even mildly taste what I’m eating.  It’s great!  The chocolate mousse actually tasted chocolatey.  Albeit still only faintly chocolatey, but I’ll take what I can get!


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