I’m beginning to suspect…

…that people are asking me questions so they can have a giggle at my accent.

The guy at Sainsbury asked me what I was planning to use the rolling pin I was purchasing for?

The guy at the fish and chip shop checked with a half smile on his face FOUR TIMES if I wanted salt on all the chips and the fish?

Now yes, there are craploads of Australian’s in England so I realise I’m not *special* per say….however!  We’re living in a small’ish village in the West Midlands and its not an area that’s exactly tourist worthy!  In fact if I heard an Australian accent at the shops I think I might just fall over in my haste to speak to them.

I have now weaned myself off both Neighbours and Home and Away.  It was a dirty habit to fall into purely for a tiny taste of home.  I suppose I’ll just have to listen to my kids (gaaawd forbid).

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