London, Travel

Feeling Better

I’m sure most people hop off the plane in London and are excited, probably completely whacked by the long flight too…but totally excited. Not this little cookie though! I drive myself mad sometimes! I have the cream of the crop of travel guide’s and resident guides (and I know they are the cream of the crop because I bought dud’s too!!) and I was so incredibly excited before arriving here. I have travelled overseas to a new place before (albeit last time I was 14 and had no real responsibility for myself!) so that wasn’t totally out of my realm of normal, but lo and behold I hermited and sooked like the last sausage in the frypan hiding under a layer of grease (and by grease I mean my hair….yeeeuk!).

I am now coming out of my greasy pit of wallow and am starting to feel a little more “normal”. Please note I am still very much on the verge of a relapse so I should enjoy the “up” whilst it lasts.

I have actually been sight seeing! Not necessarily the most touristy of sight seeing but the kind that suit’s Mitch and I:

  • Cheap pub meal with a glass or two of wine
  • Followed by a bit of wandering around and getting lost on the streets of London
  • Stumbling across a cinema and making a spur of the moment decision to see something
  • Finding Terminator Salvation a complete and utter piece of turd (I can’t believe they canned The Sarah Connor Chronicles…now there was a REAL John Connor and a believable storyline…).
  • Still having been worth our time/money as we spent most of our lost wanderings in search of a way back home talking about the finer details of why the movie failed on every possible level
  • Eventually finding our bearings and heading in the right direction
  • Wandering past a Sainsbury’s and going in for snackies and water
  • Spending a ridiculous amount of time admiring the spread of fruit and veg and the little things that are a bit different from home (Sainsbury’s seem to have a much wider range of fresh produce then Tesco).
  • Encountering a rude lady who insisted it was me making their silly self checkout machine have a spack attack.  Telling me off quite rudely!
  • Smiling when she attempted to scan our toilet paper and realised the machine was faulty (she finished scanning through our items for us)….mwahahahaaa
  • …and finishing up back in our tiny hotel room playing Super Mario Brothers

A few visits to Hyde Park now just for a wander!  I still haven’t uploaded our videos of squirrels (I’m aware only my few family members who haven’t ever seen a squirrel before – like meeee!  will find that interesting….but whatever!).

For a little while there Mitch had decided we best get used to the idea of going back home as the job hunt hasn’t turned a lot up…..this was probably when the first bit of pressure was relieved and I felt a little “lighter”….however things have picked up now!  Fortunately for me he has stopped bugging me so much about me applying for a job asap……like I said, if he can’t get work there’s no point me getting any!!

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