It’s been warm and sunny here in London for the past few days, its been lovely! We went for a walk through Kensington Palace Gardens yesterday and there were Londoners EVERYWHERE soaking up the sun. I love the huge communal parks here where everyone flocks on a sunny day! The sun really didn’t feel all that hot to us and we walked for hours without burning (a nice change!), that said we did see quite a few white bellied locals who were turning red as a tomato so definitely a good dose of vitamin D for all.

On Saturday night we went to the Arts Club Theatre in Soho to see a line-up of three comedians. We were actually headed to a different theatre but couldn’t find it so we settled on that one! We were very lucky, this one was cheaper and a great laugh. We were very impressed that after leaving the theatre at 11:30 we were still spoilt for choice on where to eat dinner. We ate at a little Italian restaurant around the corner from the theatre. The food was amazing and very well priced! I literally couldn’t finish it all (and that’s saying something for me! I always eat well past “full”). From what we have gathered from wandering around and eating at various places over the week there are two big extremes. If buying from a supermarket (i.e Tesco or Sainsbury) you can eat extremely cheaply over here, cafe style restaurants are also really well priced, the portions are very generous and the service is great. Fast food on the other hand (i.e McDonalds and Burger King) are ridiculously over priced! We paid the same price for a single whopper last night that we could have paid for a full pub meal had we gone around the corner! The high end restaurants are also very expensive and believe it or not the customer service seems to be a lot lower then in the mid-range restaurants. We are by no means experts but you know how much of a cheap skate Mitch is and he insists on converting EVERY single purchase back into dollars. This has meant that I haven’t been able to help but take note of the price of everything that passes my lips!

I have added more photos to Flickr but I haven’t had a chance to check why the Flickr widget on this page isn’t working so you will need to click on them to see the photos.

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