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We’ve arrived!

21 hours sitting on a plane PLUS 4 hours wandering/sitting around in an airport between flights is something you simply cannot forsee the discomfort of until you’ve actually experienced it!  I knew it would be hard….but my goodness the reality of it is something else…

On Sunday night we said our goodbyes to our families and the three boys and took off for Malaysia.  Saturday night we undertook a marathon last minute pack up of our house which meant Mitch and I only got 3 hours sleep.

Now I had stupidly suspected that this combined with the cold I was coming down with (care of our darling James and his constantly dripping nose) would mean I would be zonked out for a portion of the 8 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur.  I was wrong!  If lucky the broken sleep I accumulated during that flight may have added up to 3 hours but that’s probably a pretty generous estimate!

Then came our 4 hour stop over at Kuala Lumpur.  In retrospect I think the key to these long flights being bearable is to definitely have a proper stop over for at LEAST a few days before getting back on the plane for the dreaded last (and longer!) leg of the flight!  Again….something I couldn’t fully understand until experiencing it.

The view from the plane was amazing!   Looking out the window every couple of hours to see completely different landscapes was fascinating. We flew over plantations in Malaysia and were amazed that it was 28 degrees celcius at 5am (in autumn).  Hours later we were flying over the middle east amazed by the sand dunes and the miles and miles of white, brown and grey.  Then we hit southern russia and slowly began seeing some patches of green.  Hours of seeing only small scatterings of buildings visible by air the first major city we sighted was Kiev.  From there on things got a lot more built up and greener and greener as we got closer and closer to the U.K.

By the time we reached the U.K we were admiring the different shades of green everywhere!  Finally we were flying over London and snapping a ridiculous amount of photos as we flew over the Thames and spotted the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Gherkin and so much more!

The excitement gave us a temporary adrenaline rush and I think this lasted for me long enough to make it through customs and onto the tube heading out of Heathrow.  By the time we arrived at our hotel it was nearing 7pm (it is really bizarre that it is still light here at 9pm in summer!!!  totally disorientating!)  and I have never felt so exhausted in all my life (and I’ve sat up with screaming babies for nights on end).

After a good solid 14 hours sleep however I finally feel human again!  This head cold is putting a bit of a downer on the trip so far but I’m sure I’ll be feeling better soon and more up to sight seeing.

We set up our bank account, got our sim cards and got internet access in our hotel room today, hopefully we can do a little more touristy stuff tomorrow!

I hope everyone at home is well and I will try and keep this updated regularly!

Love You All!!

Here’s a link to the photos I’ve just uploaded to Flickr (the widget in my side bar doesn’t seem to be working!) —-> Flickr Photos

2 thoughts on “We’ve arrived!”

  1. So how do you like the Underground Jen?? Crazy isn’t it compared to our QLD rail!!

    Glad you made it and are settling in. Post often to keep us updates hey?


  2. hey Nick =) The underground is amazing! It makes QR look like turd! That said just in our morning’s adventure on Tuesday we had to change lines 3 times, had to take a slight detour once because one of the lines had had a slight incident (they quite casually announced that someone had ended up under a train and the service was down)…I do not envy that kind of “clean-up” job! Can you imagine though the chaos Queensland transport would experience if they had even a third as many people travelling on their services in one morning as travel here at any given time of day!

    I am loving there being a train every 2 to 5 minutes also! Expat’s moving from London to Brisbane must be driven totally insane the first time they realise that missing your train there means a 30 MINUTE wait for the next one!

    I will attempt to update often =) Even on the dull days like yesterday! lol.


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