UK Visa Drama

Mitch and I plan to move our family to London later this year.  Both my maternal grandparents were born in the UK so I am eligible for an Ancestry Visa.  Mitch however is an Aussie through and through and has no UK relatives to speak of for generations and generations.

The original plan up until a revealing phone call this morning was:

  • Mitch heads over to the UK on a Tier 1 Visa (Highly Skilled)
  • Stays in a hostel whilst job hunting
  • Once secure in a job and with a few pays under his belt, rents a place
  • Gives me the all clear
  • The boys and I head over on my Ancestry Visa

Unfortunately we’ve hit a snag on the “points” (it’s a points based system….you need 75 points to qualify)….and it looks as though a Tier 1 Visa isn’t going to be an option.

This throws a bit of a spanner in the works.  We have funds available to us but nowhere near enough for all 5 of us to fly to the UK under my Ancestry and pay for accommodation until Mitch and I’s first pay checks come through (could be a month after starting work).

Basically the new plan would be:

  • Mitch and I enter the UK under my Ancestry without the kids
  • We look for work
  • Secure jobs
  • Secure a home
  • Then either I fly back to Australia to get the kids
  • Or we find a family member willing to travel with 3 kids for 24 hours in return for a place to stay in London for a holiday

The kids staying here means we need to find one set of Grandparents willing to have our kids for at least 2 weeks whilst we’re gone.  This is a huge ask.  Since as you can imagine none of our close family wants us moving to the other side of the world I don’t know that anyone is going to be willing to do this for us.

I had made plans for doing things the original way, I had been preparing for the huge travel time with the three kids and I don’t think any of our family members would be capable of keeping all three of our kids under control on the plane and during the stop over without tantrums, fighting and the possibility of the kids getting lost at the airport/s.

Mitch seems very opposed to me flying back to get the kids.  This is another $2,000 on top of the living expenses the two of us have racked up in pounds whilst looking for work and he fears that we’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point.  Fair point, but I still don’t know how I feel about someone else flying them to London.

This is all still assuming we can find someone to care for the kids while we’re gone.

I am very close to wanting to throw in the towel.  We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in planning for this already.

If Mitch had gotten to London and discovered that the I.T contracts had miraculously dried up then all we would have lost was two weeks and he could honestly just call it a holiday and head on home.  Once we start talking about paying expenses for two adults and start leaning on family to care for our children it becomes a lot more strenuous.

I so desperately need a change!  London was a shining beacon of hope….even if we hated it (I seriously doubt it!) it would be something to shake up the monotony and an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

2 thoughts on “UK Visa Drama”

  1. Thanks Marites….I agree! Mitch and I have been discussing options and have talked it over with my parents and I think we have found a suitable solution! I’ll post an update shortly!


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