Master 4


Master 4 befriended a lady beetle a few days ago.  He kept it in a little container and brought it endless amounts of juicy green grass.  2 days later I asked him if he’d like to set his lady beetle free.


Please note the “Sad Face”.


If I had a half decent camera I’d be able to show you a close up of this fluke photo where the lady beetle takes flight in search of bigger and better things (a.k.a our back yard).  If you squint you can see the lady beetle on his pointer finger.  It was actually a very sweet moment.  Master 4 made the decision himself to let his pet go before it inevitably died and he said goodbye as it crawled on his hand and flew away.

I’m so happy he finally had a happy bug experience!  I can’t tell you how many times Master 4 has fallen in love with a snail or beetle only to have his little brother squish it or it disappear from sight.  He quickly learnt not to get too friendly with ants as they love to bite him….a lady beetle was a good choice!

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